Medical Library Association list of websites

Medical Library Association annotated list of very respectable medical information websites on the Internet.

Texas Department of Health Audiovisual Library The Texas Department of Health Audiovisual Library has a collection of over 2,000 audiovisuals that circulate throughout Texas on a free short-term loan basis. Their collection includes a variety of health and safety topics available to general audiences. It includes materials for preschool through adult groups and a few professional level materials. Formats include 1/2 in. VHS video, CD-ROMs, slides, audiocassettes, educational models, charts, 16mm film. Although most audiovisuals are in the English language, some are in Spanish and others are bilingual, English and Spanish on the same tape. There is no charge for Texas residents to borrow from their library except for return shipping charges. They offer a free catalog which contains a subject index and annotated content descriptions. The online version of the catalog is on our home page at (link is above). It can be searched using the -find- tool or it can be downloaded. A print version is available upon request. They also offer "mini-catalogs" or selected videographies of our collection by topic.

National Institutes for Health a large good governmental site.

OnHealth.COM a commercial site with medical information in layman's terms.

Web MD another major commercial site for medical information.

i safetynet .org a site for medical information and social safetynet type information - some parenting information.

Holy Family Birth Center in Weslaco, TX - on FM 88.

Scott and White Clinic and Hospital - Temple, Texas - has an interesting drug interaction search form off this page.

Health Net Consumer Health Resources on the Internet - Univ. of Connecticut. - good list.

Merck Manual - Home Edition - online a commercial site with information on medicines - major listing by what disease they treat.

Links to Medical Information in SPANISH. provided and maintained by South Texas Community College

Medical Library Association a great place to point you to great and reliable medical information. - see their top 100 medical sites list.

American Medical Association Doctor and Hospital finders, also specific information on conditions and general health.

Bestdoctors. com (RD 06-2005)

American Board of Medical Specialties lists doctors certified in a recognized medical specialty. (RD 06-2005)

Healthgrades. com rates hospitals for various procedures. (RD 06-2005)

Doc info. org Provides access to disciplinary reports. (RD 06-2005)

Doc board. org Offers licensing background and disciplinary information on physicians. (RD 06-2005)

Nursing World American Nurses Association web site.

National League for Nursing web site.

Yahoo's Health and Medicine index. a wealth of sites listed here.